30 September 2017


Our baby is a rascal.  Sometimes we call him the Wild Baby of M-town.  I'm sure I loved all of my babies this much when they were this age, but there's something about a third baby that already seems so abundant (a boy and a girl and, wait, another boy!) and the fact that he's the third means that we realize how quickly he'll be out of this sweet, funny, rascally age.

Just enjoying a bit of meat at Steve's client's Eid celebration earlier in the month.

This baby pudges around the backyard doing all kinds of important work.  He begs to go 'ide and I just slide the screen door open for him and he lets himself down off the deck and patters around in the grass, lining up rocks and filling up buckets.  I peek out the door and he's in the sandbox working on a project or busy at the water table.  Earlier this week, I looked out and shouted because he'd climbed all the way to the top of the kids' play structure.  He'd figured out the rock climbing wall and let himself into the little fort.  When I tried to coax him over to me to get him down, he was too pleased with himself, peeking between the wooden slats and calling out, "Hiyo!  Hiyo!" to the kids on the swings down below him.

Driving his car at the neighbor's house.

He loves books with animal pictures.  He flops himself down on my lap several times a day with a book in hand so that we can look at 'puppies' (all animals) or 'now' (the sound a cat makes).  If his brother and sister are with me on the couch, he shoves right by them and pushes and fusses until he can settle himself right down in the middle, on my lap.

He does tricks - Patty Cake and So Big and Where are Your Teeth?  He sits for long periods of time ringing the doorbell on the dollhouse or snuggling a stuffed animal or rifling through my drawers.  When he wants something he knows he shouldn't have, he runs with it and when we get close enough to take it, he throws it.  He and his sister and I made cookies this week and he stood at the table hurling the cookie cutters across the table as his contribution.  While I was picking green beans recently, he helped.  As I picked, I would hand him a few of the beans and he'd walk them to the end of the row and deposit them in the bowl.  Adorable.

He spends a lot of time with "E-ah" now that The Bairn is in school.

His favorite activity is brushing his teeth.  We had a stool right next to the vanity in the bathroom and every day someone would forget to close the bathroom door (to keep Nate out).  I'd walk in and find him standing on the stool brushing his teeth (usually with someone else's toothbrush).  "What are you doing, " I'd ask and he'd answer "Deet." (Teeth.)  Today I found him sitting on the stairs with The Bairn.  He was very happily letting his brother brush his teeth.

20 July 2017


The Bairn is playing tee ball this summer.  Twice a week we drive to ball field in a neighbouring village and The Bairn spends a great deal of time making dust storms and sitting down on the bases.  He also does a lot of this:

I didn't realize until we got to the ball field that he was wearing boots instead of sneakers.
It's hard to play tee ball in boots.

I thought that maybe he wasn't really enjoying the world of sports (which he would come by honestly), but then when he was chatting to Grandma on the phone about it, he declared that tee ball is amazing and that he loves it.  Also, his coach gave him a team t-shirt this week that The Bairn was shocked to discover he could take home and keep.

This is Ellen's favorite thing about tee ball:

She really wishes this were her puppy, but it belongs to a long-suffering family that lets her drag their pet around.

The Bairn also started swimming lessons this week.  He's very nervous about getting his head wet while swimming, so I have to make lots of deals in the morning.  Okay, if you jump off the side today, you can have cereal when you get home.  And he requests lots of prayers to make him brave for swim class.

Ellen much prefers watching The Bairn swim to watching The Bairn sit on a ball field (despite the lack of puppies).

05 June 2017

One-Year-Old Boy

Natey's birthday was at the end of April.  His brother and sister were very excited for him.  The Bairn spent a lot of time thinking about possible cakes for him and woke up early for days before the birthday, because he was so excited about the day.  He (The Bairn) was disappointed that there were no decorations on the actual birthday and when I told him I had streamers if he wanted to put them up, he said, "Yes, let's put a streamer outside the house that says: The [Family] house - it's run down but, still, it's home."

On the big day, we took the whole family, including Grammie and Papa, to the children's museum in Halifax and, then, my favorite part, we grabbed lunch at the big seaport farmers market just down the road.  The Bairn ate a giant pretzel, so we spent the next two weeks fashioning giant pretzels at home. ( Ellen was insistent on making teeny tiny pretzels and also making large, strangely shaped creations with her dough.)

I made a sad-looking bunny cake and we fed the birthday boy his favorite meal: spaghetti and peas.

Little Natey is so small and cute.  He kisses on request but generally turns his head away when the other kids try to kiss him.  He loves to 'beep' our noses  while triumphantly announcing, "Bup!  Bup!"  He's recently figured out how to climb up on the kids' chairs, but he can't get down, so I often finding him standing on a chair in the middle of The Bairn's room hollering.  He is a master mess maker and also excellent at snuggling.  We love to hear his little feet pattering around the house.

23 April 2017

Christmas 2016

It seems a shame to have completely skipped over Christmas, since so much of it was so nice, so here's a little recap.

One of my very favorite moments of the whole Christmas season was sitting at the piano one day playing Christmas songs while my sweet E sang along.  I also had a very peaceful, Christmasy-feeling hour sitting on the couch watching my happy kids play after having our Nova Scotia Christmas with Steve's parents.

We spent two weeks in Tennessee over Christmas.  We flew in the hopes that I would still like my husband and children by the end of the trip.  A road trip seemed beyond my capacity this year, so we booked cheapish tickets, spent the night in a hotel the night before and left before dawn one December morning.

Kids Waiting for Christmas Dinner

There have never been so many cookies in my mother's house ever.  They just kept coming.  There were three or four tins of homemade cookies open at any given time and when one tin ran out, another miraculously appeared.  The kids could hardly believe their good luck.

We visited Dollywood and I have never seen E so pleased.  She loves riding in a 'bee plane.'  I rode the Scrambler with The Bairn, teaching me that I am very old.  I felt quite sick afterwards and was pretty happy that Steve wanted to go on the bumper cars with him.

My brother and his family joined us a few days after Christmas and we ate very tasty BBQ with them.

He was up first on Christmas morning.

We almost all got sick.  My mom took The Bairn to church without me one week, because I was too sick and reported that it was all fine, but during the sacrament service, The Bairn informed everyone that he was not thinking about Jesus, he was thinking about a duck.

E also extra loved the children's museum.

06 April 2017


Baby Boy is 11-months-old.  He seems more like a baby to me than the other two did at this age, probably because he has an older brother and sister.

At 11 months, his favorite activities are

Climbing the stairs.  Any time the gate at the bottom of the stairs is left open, Natey heads straight for it with great purpose and starts his climb to the 2nd floor.

Throwing things into other things.  We were in a hotel in Nashville last month and before I left the room each day I checked the garbage cans, because Nate spent all his time filling them with shoes and socks and whatever he could get his hands on.  He especially loves throwing rolls of toilet paper into the toilet and cars and trucks into Ellen's little potty.

Brushing his teeth.  His favorite toy is a toothbrush that he walks around with and bites.

Riding in the backpack.  He's been sick and teething lately and the only thing that really satisfies him is to ride on my back in the backpack most of the day.

Taking baths.

The older kids still adore him and love to play with him, although I often have to shoo them away because they get a bit rough and want to tie him up and drag him around.

Don't be fooled.  He's never ever slept in this crib, but he likes to play in it and throw things out of it onto the floor.

He was actually enjoying wearing these goggles until the kids insisted on taking a photo with him wearing them and then he quickly had enough of it.  This is probably a good representation of his life at 11-months-old, though.  He's deeply loved but sometimes it annoys him.

20 March 2017

Head Staples

Steve has 9 staples in his head.  He brought the head stapler home from the hospital, in case he ever gets a head injury again (or in case I need to staple anyone's mouth shut).  I have a picture, but I won't post it, because it's gross.

Steve was replacing rotting beams in our basement and got thrown backward by a 4x4 under pressure.  Fortunately, his parents were here, so they were able to bandage his head and take him to the hospital.  The Bairn hid under the table when Steve came up from the basement, because head wounds bleed a lot.  It was a bit creepy.

Steve sent me strange text messages from the ER.  Can you serve me some Spurgeon please?  It turns out, though, that it was just poor texting and not the head injury.  Should have read Can you save me some spaghetti please?   

28 February 2017


My baby turns 10-months-old this week.

He loves

  • playing ball.  Aunt Jean gave him a little baby-sized ball and he's actually very good at sitting on the floor with me or The Bairn and throwing it back and forth.  He's very pleased with himself about it too.
  • blueberries, peaches, and sweet potato pancakes.  All of those foods make him kick his feet and scream for more.  (He hasn't quite embraced sign language yet.)
  • opening cupboards and drawers and rifling through the contents.  He pulls open my bottom filing drawer and attempts to rearrange my files every single day.
  • being tickled.  The kids like to take turns tickling him, because he gives such satisfying little laughs and giggles.  It actual sounds like he's saying, "Hee hee."
  • walking around like a boss.  He started walking about 3 weeks ago and it's darling.  
I just love snuggling him up during naps and rocking him is one of my favorite parts of the day.

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